Day 1
Area BFE - Shake Down
Jeff, Joey, Chris & Rick headed out to AreaBFE once we arrived in Moab for EJS2016 for a quick shakedown run.

Day 2
Cliff Hanger
Our first RR4W run for EJS2016.
Pretty challenging trail, great views, butt pucker shelf roads & long drop offs made for a great day.

Day 3
Patriot Crawl  - An event Honoring Veterans and Active Service Personnel

Day 4
Rusty Nail / Gold Bar Rim
Our second RR4W run for EJS2016 this year.  Slickrock, steep ledges, large boulders, off camber traverses, and a steep waterfall rock made this trail epic.

Day 5
Wipe-Out Hill with Comeup Winch.  This trail offers a little bit of everything. It has some amazing scenery, sandy sections, and some great slickrock obstacles. The best and most terrifying obstacle is Wipe-Out Hill, the obstacle that gives this trail its name.

Day 6
Top Of The World
You can't beat the view from the end of this trail, and it's the best place to get a picture of you and your vehicle hanging over a cliff. The trail has gotten difficult over the years, so now it has big challenges to match the big scenery.

Day 7
Rose Garden Hill "Revenge Of The Nerds"
Rose Garden Hill is the single obstacle on this trail and it gives the trail its name. It is a long, rocky and challenging hill that will turn away many stock 4x4 vehicles.

Day 8
Vendor Show - Twisted Off Road Interacts with some of our Industry Giants


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