Chris and I had the opportunity to chat with Shad Kennedy, President of CC at the Northridge4x4 3rd annual open house.  It was here last year that I fell in love with the CC brand and started purchasing upgrades for my 2008 Jeep Rubicon.  Since then Chris purchased a new Jeep as well.  He had made many decisions about his Jeeps future, one of those was what brand bumpers, fenders, armor he was going to run.  He had his mind set on Crawler Conceptz. Besides just shooting the shit with Shad this was one other reason he wanted to talk to him.  Right out of the gate Chris asked Shad who he had repping his product in Colorado, Shad pointed to me (Joey).I was shocked myself as we never even chatted about it in the past.  Although being a product rep is a new and exciting opportunity for me since I am also a KC-HiLiTES Product Ambassador as of EJS this year.  Anyway, as we continued our conversation Chris expressed a lot of interest in being a rep.  Shad was allover the idea.  Well that's where this whole thing begins.  Chris and I are now officially product representatives for Crawler Conceptz. We are really looking forward to representing Crawler Conceptz, only the best Made In The USA Products.

Check out our introduction video.  YES, I totally choked during my part.




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