What an incredible weekend, as always.  Kate and Kevin were incredible support for the second year in a row.  They made it super easy to stay at a non-affiliated hotel, and make it into town for dinner, and to the starting line.  Paul came out from Kansas City with his daughter Marissa, and friend Roxanne.  Marissa and Roxanne joined Kate and Kevin to help out with support.
The team riders for this year were:  Chris, Heather, Skyler, Joey, Todd, Paul, and Jeff
Rick and Jana are steadfast supporters and participants, but had some stuff come up this year that prevented their participation.
Friday night, the team (riders and supporters – all of ‘em for this year!) had dinner at BJ's by the house.  The food choices there are out of this world - so much delicious stuff to choose from. Such a great variety...and the Pizookies...OMG. Joey and I were in heaven.  There was a lot of jambalaya and quinoa eaten. Yum.

(Beginning left and in U-Shape around:  Skyler, Chris, Heather, Joey, Jeff, Ryan, Kevin, Kate, Cheryl, Todd, Bill, Sharon, Roxanne, Marissa, Paul)

Saturday morning, Day One, we met Kate and Kevin at FRCC at a bit after 5:30 a.m., and rolled through the start line at roughly 6:15. It was such a relief that it was actually chilly.  Joey, who had been determinedly training for months via riding and spinning, rode the whole day, no problem.  Day one was a blast.
(Day 1 Start L-R:  Paul, Chris, Heather, Skyler, Joey, Jeff (Todd was riding with the Raw Hinies team- he has family there))
Day Two, we began with breakfast at the starting line.  Paul was incredulous that there is such a thing as “turkey sausage” and “vegetarian sausage.” The breakfast was pretty good!  Eggs and sausage patties.  Fuel – yum!  We figured it was better than the continental breakfast at the hotel.
(Day 2 Start, L-R:  Todd, Chris, Joey, Jeff, Skyler, Heather, Paul)
We started riding, and major woohoo when Joey made it to the second rest stop – we rode right past the point at which he pedaled last year (6 miles in).  He started Day Two dizzy. He made it about a dozen miles farther than he did last year.  Paul (who did incredibly well for a flat-lander on his first bike event, never mind at elevation) eventually took a bit of a breather with Joey, and they rejoined us just a smidge after Anthem, to ride those last killer hills with the group.  Brutal.
(Day 2 L to R: Paul, Chris, Joey, Jeff)
We all met under the meeting tree, and rode over the finish line together.  Our little village of participants is super awesome.  It’s the best event of the year.  A great time provided by an incredible event, and augmented by amazing people, for a great cause – to eradicate MS.  Can’t wait until next year!
The team:  L-R:  Kevin, Kate, Jeff, Heather, Joey, Mom, Sean, Pop, Chris, Todd, Cheryl, Skyler, Roxanne, Paul, Marissa


Written By; Heather Roell

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